Eddie - Our 2013 “KOS Kid”


When it comes to wrestling fans, Eddie and his Dad are right up there with the best! Eddie knows all the pro wrestlers and thinks John Cena is “the best”. Eddie’s wish is to become a manager for a night for the TV program, “Monday Night Raw” on USA television network. He would like to be there, meet the wrestlers and help set up/decide the matches. Like most boys, Eddie loves his mom’s cooking with her baked flounder being his favorite dish. If going out, he likes Cheddars or the Olive Garden maybe on his way to watch the Houston Texans play football. Eddie likes school and doesn’t have a favorite subject. Right now, he has four Homebound teachers to help him keep up.

Selected as our 2013 “KOS Kid”, Eddie and his family were guests of KOS at the 2013 dinner/banquet celebration where everyone fell in love with this charming family! Guests were thrilled at the opportunity to meet one of our MAW children firsthand and to see how much the wish means to the child. It was a “win-win” for us all! We received the following from the family AFTER the wish took place:


Wish Granted! Eddie meeting professional wrestler, John Cena in Baltimore, MD for  Monday Night Raw .

Wish Granted! Eddie meeting professional wrestler, John Cena in Baltimore, MD for Monday Night Raw.

“Dear Joan & Fred, We just wanted to take the time to tell you about how the trip went. We are so thankful to you both, The Make A Wish Foundation, and John Cena for everything. It was an AMAZING trip for Eddie & all of us. Our hearts were overflown with joy to see the SMILE on Eddie's face the entire time we were in Baltimore, Maryland. The VIP treatment made him feel like a Star. The hotel was so nice and the harbor view was breathtaking. To wake up to that view for four days was beautiful. The Limo rides were special for Eddie & Alyssa both. The rental car was also a very nice & it was a smooth drive to Hershey, Pa. So thankful to spend the day there & see family. Can't thank you enough. This was a once in a lifetime experience that we as a family will never forget.

The look on Eddie's face when meeting John Cena was PRICELESS, brought tears to our eyes. I, as a mom, almost passed out myself when John Cena walked in. I was star struck LOL! Eddie was so excited and said he had a million questions but when John Cena walked in he couldn't remember half the questions he wanted to ask, LOL! He really took the time to answer all of Eddie's questions. He took as many pics as we wanted. John Cena then turned to our daughter Alyssa and asked if she had any questions. He did not leave her out which we thought was so sweet of him. He let Eddie hold the championship title belt first, then he asked our daughter Alyssa if she wanted to hold the belt. He signed both their shirts, posters they made, hats. He also gave Eddie his new shirt & hat which he changed into for MONDAY NIGHT RAW. Mr. Cena was everything Eddie expected and so much more... it was so AWESOME for our son. John Cena won me over as a fan. He was so funny, just a guy with a big heart, to take the time for his fans is truly a great thing. We took a ton of pics & memories to last a lifetime. Thank you so much - with all our hearts.”