D'Marco – Our very first wish child

Story from the archives, told by Joan, one of the KOS founders and MAW volunteer

Because of having Duchenne M.D., D’Marco has a great deal of trouble getting around. He is pretty much confined to his house...he even has a homebound teacher. When we got to his home, we met his sisters Gabrylle and Brittany, his mother, Demeatrell and his father, Rodney. We also got to meet his grandma and guess what her name is? You got it, she is also a “Mrs. Newton”. After visiting with her for a while she decided she really liked us and she told us that she was going to pray for us every single day!

While Fred met with D’Marco’s parents and discussed paper work, D’Marco and I went off and had a little visit of our own. Let me tell you, D’Marco LOVES wrestling and wrestlers! Stone Cold Austin is his hero. The day we were there was the day that the big Wrestle Mania extravaganza was going to be held in Houston. D’Marco could not physically go, but his family did get “pay-for-view” so he could have all his buddies over to watch. About the only time D’Marco gets out of the house is to go to church.

D’Marco’s wish: to have a lift installed in a van so that he could get out of the house and go places with his family. 

The only problem with the wish was that the family did not own a van and as a matter of policy, MAW does not buy automobiles for wish families. Once they get a van a lift could be installed as his “wish”. (Fortunately over the following weeks and months, friends and family held several car washes to help raise money and the family is going to be able to make a down payment on a van.)

In the meantime, Fred and I have been gathering information on lifts and vans etc. and have been learning a lot of new information. The good news is that it looks like the wish will be granted and completed within the next month or so. Just goes to show that Grandma’s prayers are finding their way to the right ears and chances are strong that this prayer will be answered!

Note from Joan: this was our very first home visit as Make-A-Wish Volunteers and as we were driving home from D’Marco’s house, Fred said to me, “Joan did you notice when D’Marco’s birthday was?” His birthday is June 2, the same day as Chris’!