Like many other MAW kids that love the sport of WWE, John Cena is an absolute favorite.  Add to that the fact that he is the number ONE celebrity supporter of the Make-A- Wish Foundation and you have a winning combination. Nine year old Savior is one of those super fans and his wish is to meet John and attend one of his matches. Savior’s wish has been granted BUT because so many children wish to visit with John, Savior is now number 46 on the waiting list. Nine year old Savior likes to watch fireworks and be with his family when he has the time. He loves pizza but will happily go to The Olive Garden if given the chance. His hobby is magic and he says he is not a computer game person. On TV he loves to watch America’s Got Talent (especially the magicians)!


My name is Isabella but you can call me Bella. When sitting down to visit with Bella, her first words were, “My wish is to go to Disney World with my family and I have been wishing this for 100 years…it is my favorite thing to think about!” Bella is in kindergarten. She likes to paint and color and she loves to have tea parties. She also loves the princesses that live at Disney World and she hopes to meet at least one of them….maybe they would like to have a tea party?



Meet Isaiah….a man of few words! Six year old Isaiah communicates mainly through his iPad tablet and sign language which his sisters understand perfectly!

Six year old Isaiah likes to watch cartoons on TV - especially Jake and the Neverland Pirates. When he goes outside he likes to jump on a trampoline if he can find one. Isaiah loves his mom, Rachel, and his sisters Layla an Alyssa. He does go to school every day and loves it. He walks to school with his sisters and back at home they care for his every need, especially when he needs help communicating. His one special wish? TO MEET MICKEY MOUSE!